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Parts & Labour

Be protected for up to £500 towards parts and labour repairs following your breakdown.

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What is parts and labour cover?

Parts and Labour cover shall reimburse you against the unexpected cost of repairs following a motor breakdown claim.

It covers vehicles of any mileage and age and includes some of the following benefits;

  • Labour costs at a garage following a motor breakdown
  • A wide range of parts that require to be replaced to fix your vehicle
  • Fast approval and reimbursement
  • 2 claims per annum

How much does it cost?

We appreciate that some vehicles are typically more reliable than others, some make, and models attract higher repair costs and of course age of your vehicle will typically reduce the reliability of the vehicle.

Instead of applying an unfair fixed pricing model like many of our competitors adopt we price your Parts and Labour product dynamically accounting for various factors.

The typical cost for protection is only £45.00.

How does it work?

You can claim up to £500.00 when you use your motor breakdown policy with us and have purchased our parts and labour as an extra cover.

We allow you to arrange your own repairs rather than dictating who you use, we do this because many of our customers have their own trusted garages and wish to use them.

In event of a claim you simply complete our claim form along with the paid receipts and we shall reimburse to you your expenses.

What's the catch?

here is no catch but there are a few things that you need to know.

Any use of the parts and labour within the first 14 days from inception excluding renewal is not covered.

Any pre-existing faults are not covered

This is not a warranty policy therefore can only be used following an unexpected emergency motor breakdown where you use your motor breakdown policy held with us.

You can view our full membership wording here.

Please note that Parts and Labour cover is a service agreement and not an insurance contract. Therefore you are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Summary of Benefits

  • 2 claims per term

  • Up to £500 per reimbursement

  • No excess payable

  • Wide range of parts covered

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