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Caring for the welfare of your horse as much as you do

When it comes to ensuring your horse is transported safely and securely, here at 2Gether Insurance, we care just as much as you do

Whether you have a trailer, converted 3.5 or 7.5 tonne horsebox, or purpose built 17.5 tonne horse lorry, we have a policy for you. Our dedicated panel of Insurers specialise in providing tailored solutions for horse owners who are looking for tailored and competitively priced cover.

Even if you are a first time horsebox or trailer owner, with zero no claims bonus, this poses no problem. The Insurers we carefully selected can use any no claims bonus you may have or possibly mirror this from another insurance (subject to terms) to ensure ultimate flexibility whilst keeping your insurance premium to a minimum.

Whether your horsebox is professionally built or a DIY conversion, rest assured we have the experienced staff and designated insurance schemes to suit most situations.

To see how 2Gether can help, please telephone us on 01945 465508, or fill in the Request A Quote above. We would be more than happy to discuss your options.

Horseboxes & Trailers


No matter whether your horsebox is factory built, or a van having a second lease of life courtesy of a DIY conversion, 2Gether are able to assist you in insuring the vehicle.

Horse Trailers

If your equine transport is on the slightly smaller side we are still able to help. With a dedicated panel of recognised Insurers who are able to provide insurance on any make or model, and even home DIY trailers, call us on 01945 465508 to see how we can assist.

Horseboxes Welfare

Putting your horse first in the event of a breakdown

Unfortunately all vehicles have the potential to breakdown. When this occurs to a horsebox or trailer, the urgency factor is multiplied due to the welfare of the horse being a top consideration. Here at 2Gether we have the solution.

With our dedicated breakdown cover which utilises the best in the industry practices and services you can rest assured your horses needs are tantamount to your recovery.

Due to the specialist nature of horsebox and trailer breakdown please speak with one of our advisors for more information or to obtain a quote.

Limited Mileage

Reduced insurance premiums for fewer miles

Mileage plays an important factor with horsebox insurance in determining how much your premium is. Therefore, on the whole, the lower the mileage the lower the premium. That's why discounts of up to 40% can be had depending on how many miles you will cover during the year.

No Claims Bonus & Protection

No Claims Bonus Isn't Always Required....

With your horsebox being a second vehicle to you or used primarily for social or recreational activity, typically No claims Bonus is not required or taken into consideration. This is because in this situation the annual mileage of the vehicle is typically lower and may only be used once or twice a week at the most. Consequently, Insurers understand that your No Claims Bonus discount can only be used on one insurance policy at a time, so for the majority who are using their bonus on their main or regular vehicle, seems unfair to penalise and charge higher insurance premiums. This is also how classic car insurance works.

No matter which of the above applies to you, 2Gether have the experience and Insurers ready and waiting to assist, and hopefully save you some money as well.

Optional Extras

Excess Protection

With the cost of insurance and the average excess increasing year after year, now is the perfect time to consider Excess Protection, and how it can benefit you.

The average excess on a motor vehicle policy in the UK is £350.00 and is often an unaccounted cost and can come as a shock in an already stressful situation. 2Gether Excess Protection removes the stress by reimbursing you your excess once your claim is settled.

What's more, with our Excess Protection starting from as little as £14.86, you can increase your voluntary excess on your insurance, saving you money, safe in the knowledge you will not have any nasty surprise.

Key Care

Key Care is an optional extra that can be added on to your insurance.

It covers against the loss, damage, theft or breakage of your keys, along with the cost re-programming replacement keys where necessary

Some of the main benefits include:

  • No payable excess
  • Any claim made does not effect the insurance policy your Key Care was taken alongside
  • Annual claim limit of £1500

Just mention to one of our advisors when obtaining a quote that your are interested in Key Care cover to find out more.

Payment Options

Excess Protection