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Excess Protection

Claims are an unfortunate occurrence which many are unprepared for. Excess protection helps reduce the stress and financial constraints a claim can impose.

What Is Excess Protection?

Excess protection will pay you your excess back following a claim, up to a maximum of £500.00. With the average motor excess in the UK being over £300.00, 2Gether excess protection makes perfect sense.

What Does It Do?

Excess protection provides a financial reimbursement in the event of a claim where you have had to pay your excess.

Benefits Of Excess Protection

Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Knowing your excess is protected means you can increase, or add, a voluntary excess to your policy. The saving you benefit from often offsets the cost of excess protection.

Costs Less Than You Think

The cost of excess protection varies depending on the amount of excess being protected. However with annual premiums from as little as £15.00 this is why excess protection is such a popular choice.

Easy Claims Process

Unlike potentially protracted motor insurance claims, claiming on your excess protection is a swift and easy process. Once your claim is settled simply complete the one page form we provide and we will take care of the rest.