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Our Mission

The aim of 2Gether Insurance Ltd is simple and straight forward;

To treat customers honest and fairly, whilst aiming to offer highly competitive insurance prices.

This concept was first formalised in 2003 when 2Gether was founded and still holds true to this day.

  • Passion

    Founded on a passion

  • People

    Driven by dedicated people

  • Products

    Fuelled by great products and service

2Gether Group

2Gether Insurance Ltd are fully independent, always have been and always will be, with no shareholders or affiliation to one Insurer thereby allowing us to provide you the customer with the best service and products available on the market.

All too often when people think of specialist insurance they assume the price matches the specialist nature of the policy. Here at 2Gether we firmly believe in treating each individual and their circumstance as exactly that. Individual. Which is why, in combination with our leading insurers and exclusive schemes, we have the ability to accommodate most risk profiles and at highly competitive prices.

Although we have established ourselves as being a specialist vehicle insurer, specialist vehicle insurance is not the sole niche of insurance we deal with.

We are by no means a 'one trick pony' and have many strings to our bow. So come and join the many thousands of other customers who have received competitive and cheap quotes from us, and become a 2Gether Insurance customer today.

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